Myott Trumpet Jug 9739

ITEM: Myott Son & Co. Trumpet Jug, pattern number 9739.


DESCRIPTION: Myott art deco style Trumpet Jug displaying an art deco 'sunburst' design - see note (i), with orange sun and brown and beige rays on yellow background.The top portion of the jug is painted brown over an orange band. The base is brown with orange outer ring. The lower part of the handle is decorated brown. The inside top portion of the jug is painted with a band of beige.
BASE MARKS: Gold MYOTT crown, MYOTT SON & CO, MADE IN ENGLAND, HAND PAINTED, B.A.G. Co. Ltd. [see note (ii)], 9739. (pattern number), REGD. NO. 779152 [see note (iii)], MADE IN ENGLAND (russet colour).
COLOURS: Yellow, brown, beige, orange.
SHAPE: Trumper Jug.
MATERIAL: Earthenware.
SIZE: 7.3 inches (18.5cm) tall - see note (iv)
DATE: 1930's but no earlier than 1932.
STYLE: Art Deco.
CONDITION: Very good. Just a few minor paint flakes.
CONTACT: Call or text Martin on 07986 437904.

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