Myott Tunisian Jug 8971

ITEM: Myott Son & Co. Tunisian Jug, pattern number 8971 ('Sweet Seventeen (Pink version)' or 'Pink Crinoline Lady').


DESCRIPTION: For sale - Myott art deco style Tunisian Jug, the front displaying a lady in pink bonnet with a pink crinoline dress with yellow butterfly above. To the left of the lady is a blue and purple hollyhock on the corner with the pout side of the jug. Pink and purple hollyhocks to handle side and pink hollyhocks above a green painted area to the back of the jug. Green handle with pink top to handle. Green striped spout with green rim. Pink base.
BASE MARKS: Brown MYOTT crown, ENGLAND, SWEET SEVENTEEN (pattern name), MADE IN ENGLAND (in an arc), HAND PAINTED, 8971 (pattern number). There is an impressed '30' batch number.
COLOURS: Pink, green, purple, blue, yellow.
SHAPE: Tunisian Jug (aka Square Neck).
PATTERN: Sweet Seventeen (or Pink 'Crinoline Lady' as ascribed by Myott collectors - see note (i)).
MATERIAL: Earthenware.
SIZE: 20.6cm (8.1 inches) tall (medium size) - see note 3.
DATE: 1930's.
STYLE: Art Deco.
CONDITION: Excellent.
CONTACT: Call or text Martin on 07986 437904.

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