Ashtead Potters M3 Monkey and Baby

ITEM: Ashtead Potters M3 Monkey and Baby figurine in 'g' glaze (Ivory).


DESCRIPTION: For sale - large earthenware figure of monkey cradling a baby monkey in her arms in art deco style designed by Sir Percy Metcalfe. The designer's surname is impressed very faintly on the side of the base.
BASE MARKS: Ashtead Potters stamp with 'Star' date mark indicating 1925/1926. 'M3' refers to the Ashtead Potters catalogue number and the 'g.' is the glaze mark.
NAME: Monkey and Baby.
COLOUR: 'g' Ivory.
MATERIAL: Earthenware.
SIZE: 10 inches (25.7cm) tall.
WEIGHT: 4.34 pounds (1.97kg).
DATE: 1925/1926.
DESIGNER: Sir Percy Metcalfe.
CONDITION: Very good, just a small, old chip to base.
CONTACT: Call or text Martin on 07986 437904.

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