Fred Yates Acrylic Painting - Ghosts and Goolies

ITEM: Fred Yates signed acrylic painting on canvas (80cm x 80cm) - Ghosts and Goolies.


DESCRIPTION: For sale - a large abstract Fred Yates unframed acrylic painting on canvas, 80cm square showing dream scene with abstract characters. The work is signed and bears the text: GHOSTS AND GOOLIES - THIS IS PURE FRED YATES - FRED YATES NOT A GALLERY FRED YATES - But perhaps going back to my Mothers womb - THE WAY GOD MAID ME. Also includes the word 'DREAM' twice. Thick impasto paintwork. The frame of the canvas and the back of the canvas bear the Fred Yates Atelier Sale stamp and also stamp and label from Leighton Fine Arts who were at the Paris sale of Fred's studio contents on March 31st 2014. Likely to be part of Fred's personal collection of his own works as certainly not a gallery item.
TITLE: Ghosts and Goolies.
PROVENANCE: Leighton Fine Arts 2014 ... Fred Yates Studio Sale Paris 2014.
SIGNATURE: Signed within text, lower left.
MEDIUM: Acrylic.
SIZE: 80cm x 80cm unframed.
CONDITION: Excellent unframed condition.
CONTACT: Call or text Martin on 07986 437904.

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