Myott Tower Vase 8943

ITEM: Myott Son & Co. Tower Vase, pattern number 8943 ('Liquorice').


DESCRIPTION: For sale - Myott art deco style Tower Vase with front and back design showing geometric design of vertical black lines bordering areas of pink, yellow, green, mauve and black. The sides are simpler with 3 areas coloured mauve, pink and green from top to bottom. The base is painted black and the top yellow.
BASE MARKS: Gold MYOTT crown, ENGLAND, HAND PAINTED, 8943 (pattern number), MADE IN ENGLAND (in russet colour). There is also an incised decorator's mark in the shape of an 'H'.
COLOURS: Black, pink, green, yellow, mauve.
SHAPE: Tower Vase (aka Castle or Turret Vase).
PATTERN Liquorice (as ascribed by Myott collectors - see note (i)).
MATERIAL: Earthenware.
SIZE: 21.7cm (8.5 inches) tall x 8.9cm (3.5 inches) maximum square.
DATE: 1930's.
STYLE: Art Deco.
CONDITION: Excellent. Just a few small places of paint loss to the black base.
CONTACT: Call or text Martin on 07986 437904.

(i) This pattern has been named 'Liquorice' by Myott collectors, owing to the black liquorice string-like design.
(ii) This particular example has been painted extremely well by a higher competent decorator. The paint quality adheres to the orignal design from the Myott pattern books where the small black blocks on the front and back of the vase finish at a point and the 'liqorice' strands vary in thickness. Other examples just show square blocks and 'liquorice' strands of regular thickness. Thsi si the best example of this piece I have seen so far.

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